We work with companies and organizations for whom success is defined by more than the bottom line...building brands with conviction—embracing innovation, sustainability, and social purpose.


Although we use the newest technologies in our day to day job, we also have a healthy  respect for history and tradition.

Powerful brands must stand for something—by focusing in on a single story brands are able to hone in on telling their story with purpose. 

Inovation is not limited to using the newest software—rather,  embrasses crtical ways of design thinking with a broader understanding of our changing world.

Small in size Big on results

Based out of Vancouver BC, LTD has been offering design solutions since 2009. We pride  ourselves on being a small boutique design studio offering bespoke solutions. We take on a limited number of projects at one time, ensuring quailty control for each project while giving clients the attention and time they need. Working with LTD will ensure a partnership that can be shaped and evolve with our changing world.


Using recycled paper does not make you sustainable—understanding your product lifecycle, materials used and locally sourced affiliations are some of the considerations that help guide our decissions.

Firm believers that less is more… substance over style brings together form and function, for an impactful first impression.  A clear message on why you exist and for a targerted market will align your vision with how your brand is understood.


We all live on the same blue marble but we don’t see the world through the same lens. Understanding whats important to your intended target audince will intice, inspire, and engage you viewers to take action. Helping brands grow by building human experiences.