We deliver measurable results through creative story telling that will engage and inform your audience.

Having worked with market leading companies, NGO’s and global organizations we have the experience and knowledge to effectively convey complex information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format. Enhancing  understanding, increasing engagement, and improve the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

why visualize it Information Design

 A well-designed report is more likely to be read and understood by its intended audience, establishing credibility and building trust.




Simplify complex information:

Turning long-form copy into inspiring reports and effective communications is where we shine. Data visualization, information design, and infographics will help your readers uncover hidden patterns, identify trends, and make sense of even the most complicated information.

Increase comprehension:

Humans are wired to process visual information more quickly and effectively than text alone. Infographics will help improve audience comprehension by presenting data or information in a more organized and visual way. Helping audiences better understand and remember the information being presented.

Reinforce branding:

Our approach to infographics are designed to reflect your brand's voice and messaging, making them a valuable tool for reinforcing brand identity and messaging.

Focusing on delivering impactful and trend setting reports including but not limited to Marketing reports, Annual reports, Responsibility and Sustainable reports or ESG reports—(environmental, social and corporate governance).

In 2021 ESG and climate-related reporting saw global support for publicly traded companies making it mandatory to disclose to their investors and stakeholders any climate-related risks, opportunities, governance strategies and risk mitigation efforts. 

It’s not just investors who are increasingly demanding transparency and accountability. With the threat of climate change affecting us all, environmental, social, and economic transparency is essential for businesses, NGO’s and Corporations to address.

People are increasingly becoming more aware about issues related to climate change, social inequality and governance—choosing to support companies and organizations that share their personal values. 

The complex information and data that stems from ESG reporting is often difficult to unpack and requires special expertise. Using data visualization and information design we help simplify the data making it easier and more engaging to your indented target audience

From the initial ideation and creative concept stage, to final production and delivery. Look Twice Design offers a full range of services from concept to production, we ensure that your final product meets your needs and exceeds all expectations. Our approach streamlines project timeline and reduces the risk of miscommunication or errors during the production.