IIO—Annual Report

Look Twice Design partnered with BCNET to design and manage the post production of their annual report. Although BCNET’s annual report provides financial information about the organization. ltd saw the opportunity to use it as a functional piece of marketing collateral designed to also promote and showcase BCNET’s contributions to education.


The IIO is a civilian-led, police oversight agency responsible for conducting investigations into incidents of death or serious harm that may have been the result of police actions. The IIO approached Look Twice Design with a request for a fresh take on their Annual Report


Having worked with the IIO for three years, we built on the success of the previous year’s reports using brand colours, a modular grid-layout and bold data visualization. LTD saw the need for and designed information graphics to be included throughout the report. The document had a very positive reception, and we went on to design their Annual Service Plan and information brochures.
Information Design