Most people have heard of the necessary steps required to create user-centered design. Look Twice Design, has developed a six phase design process ensuring customized, innovative and unique design solutions to best meet our customer’s needs. Our extensive process begins with key stakeholder meetings, in order to get a clear understanding of their vision. This allows us to start compiling the nessecary groundwork needed for the design brief, outlining the design problem and the required team to ensure the utmost quality. Each project begins with a visual audit and study of current materials, market trends and existing competition. This is followed by a review of customer’s key design and marketing strategies, an analysis of the expected target audiences behaviors, shared values, market and competition field studies, budget considerations, etc. Our approach is to explore a broad range of ideas, as these become fully developed, we integrate the written and visual concepts.

Once the research is completed, we then move into the design phase, providing rough design directions, along with a critical evaluation of the proofs. The approved version in then taken to a comprehensive stage, detailed design, content, and technical implementation. Our process ensures that (you) our client stays informed while actively participating in the development of your projects.


This seems to be the first question everyone is concerned with. There is no one simple answer; the budget is based on the scope of work needed for the project. Factors such as the amount of time needed to complete the job, deadlines, copyright use and printing costs all come into play. Look Twice Design recognizes that many businesses today are working with limited funds. Weather you have an allocated budget or not, LTD will work with you in finding the best solution without compromising quality. Jobs can be done in stages spreading the costs over a longer period of time or variables such as paper, ink, page count, media,  etc can help ensure we stay within the allocated budget. “you get what you pay for!”

An initial cost range can be provided based on the work requested. The project estimate will be finalized after the initial client meeting, covering any and all foreseeable costs needed to solve the problem from conception to completion. We have great relationships with quality printers, copy writers, professional photographers, translating services ect…


Often businesses leave the design to the very last minute, which is the worse possible situation. The design process must be considered, and adequate time has to be allotted to each phase of the project to ensure quality results. Our policy is to inform you of achievable timelines that meet the needs of the project. We will discuss and agree upon a working schedule that accounts for all critical dates.


The estimated project total includes three rounds of changes. If further rounds of changes are requested, they will be charged at our hourly rates. Studio rates will be  included in the estimated project total.


We are sticklers for the details! This includes the production of the solution that we design. Our QA (Quality Assurance) team ensures error-free product(s) for all work preformed by Look Twice Design and any of our subcontracts (printers).